Join the Supply Chain and Logistics Mentoring Program of our Swiss Roundtable

Are you looking to inspire and advise young professionals interested in developing their careers in global supply chain and logistics?


Are you a young professional seeking to connect with experienced international supply chain and logistics managers?

If so, CSCMP Switzerland’s new supply chain and logistics mentoring “light” program could be for you!

This is a new program, developed by the team of the Swiss roundtable of the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals.

The mentoring light program is free and open to anyone with an interest in global supply chain and logistics.

It is a “light” program, as we help to connect mentors and mentees and provide some general guidelines and frameworks, but we do not provide ongoing support or guidance on mentoring.

The mentoring light program works as follows:

  1. Register your interest to be a mentor and/or mentee using this link
  2. You can apply to be both a mentor or a mentee or both
  3. The service is free and you can opt-out at any time by emailing
  4. It is not limited to people in Switzerland, like supply chains, our network and this mentoring light program is global and open to all
  5. You need to register your interest before 28th Feb 2023
  6. By the 31st of March, we will match up mentors and mentees and inform you of your selected mentor/mentee.
  7. The mentee will be responsible for setting up the first introduction call
  8. We will provide you with some written guidelines and advice on how to get started and a recommended way of working.
  9. It is then down to you to either continue the mentoring conversations and decide the frequency and best way of working for you both
  10. We will accept new mentors/mentees twice per year in Feb and in Sep each year
  11. If you have any questions, you can contact

This mentoring light program is distinct from the global CSCMP mentoring program, which is only available to CSCMP members, you can read more about the CSCMP mentoring using this link


Andrew Lahy

Andrew Lahy

Mentorship Chair