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CSCMP Switzerland invites applications for the global CSCMP Leaf Logistics Supply Chain video contest for students (and Supply Chain young professionals <= 32 Years) to demonstrate their ability to think futuristically and deliver potential solutions to the supply chain management industry. Contestants should create a video answering one of these 3 questions:

1) Sustainability

Corporations are expanding their sustainability initiatives as public pressure and regulation increases. What are some of the opportunities where supply chain professionals can make an impact by introducing sustainability initiatives? How do you think our industry can best support business growth and carbon reduction?

2) Building Stable Supply Chains

The past decade has seen an unstable supply chain on many fronts, including disrupted manufacturing, clogged ports, driver shortages, and now an uncertain macroeconomic environment. With this in mind, what steps can firms take to build resiliency into their supply chains so that they can better navigate tomorrow’s market conditions?

3) Technology

What new technology do you see as a potential opportunity for the industry? Identify the opportunity and any possible challenges to technology adoption.


CSCMP Global Winning Video Prize details:

  • Complimentary registration to CSCMP EDGE 2023 (World’s leading Supply Chain event in USA) in Orlando, Florida, USA October 1-4, 2023. Normal Registration is $995 for Young professional and $450 for Student members.
  • Hotel accommodation for 3 nights – Sun, Oct1 1 to Wed, Oct 4, 2023. (Travel expenses not included. Breakfast/Lunch provided on Oct 2/3 and Refreshments on Oct 4, 2023 provided)
  • Travel stipend from CSCMP Global of US$ 500
  • Formal awarding and recognition during CSCMP EDGE.
  • Winner will be a Feature in CSCMP newsletters -combined audience of 36,000+ readers.
  • Writeup about winner in CSCMP’s award-winning magazine Supply Chain Quarterly.

BONUS Switzerland Student contestants –CSCMP Switzerland will also choose   and recognise the Best Swiss Student Supply Chain Video with winner getting:

  • USD 40 reimbursement towards a one-year Student Membership
  • Formal Awarding and recognition in a CSCMP Switzerland major event
  • Winning Award from CSCMP Switzerland of USD 500 or equivalent
  • Winner will feature on CSCMP.CH Newsletter/LinkedIn Posts


Rules to Participate in the Supply Chain Video contest:

  • Open to Supply Chain students -studying supply chain as a subject as part of their curriculum or in full-time Supply Chain graduate/undergraduate/post graduate courses- and Supply Chain young professionals (<= 32 Years)).
  • Contestants must Submit a 90 to 120 seconds YouTube or Vimeo video thoughtfully addressing one of the above 3 supply chain management questions. Please provide the Video URL on the entry form.
  • Provide a brief bio of your background and career in supply chain management on the entry form (Link below)
  • Please share your video on your social platforms and invite your followers to vote for you! The Voting link for sharing with your followers to vote for your entry is provided below under Entry Form and Voting Link.
  • Video submissions can also be recorded using cell phone cameras as the quality of the video matters, but the most important factor is your solid response to one of the above 3 topics/questions.
  • Remember to tag CSCMP and CSCMP.CH on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter every time you promote your video so we can see your efforts.


CSCMP membership is mandatory to be eligible for submitting entries. If not a member already then- Students, please use this link to become a member and Young professionals please use this link to become a member.


Entry form and Voting link for Contestants:

Please click ENTRY FORM for submitting your entries.

  • In addition for Students in Switzerland- Please also ensure to send the same Video URL with a brief bio of your background, University and career in supply chain management by email to Matheen Sait at and/or
  • For further queries please contact Matheen Sait, by above email.

LAST DATE for contest entries is May 22nd, 2023

Winner will be announced by June 28th, 2023.

Please share this VOTING LINK in your network so people can vote for you and increase your chances for winning:

  • Voting is allowed once daily from when the video is published through May 29, 2023, at 12pm US CDT.
  • The number of votes will not determine the winner, but rather showcase each contestant’s ability to mobilize and engage their personal social networks. Public voting will provide social support to individual video submissions.

If you are interested to hear more about our Educational activities or you are from an Academic organisation and would like to explore partnering with us,  please contact the CSCMP Switzerland Education Chair Matheen Sait at

Matheen Sait

Matheen Sait

Education Chair