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2023 events :


October | 2023

Where to in Procurement and Supply Chain? 

The area of Procurement & Supply Chain has never been more in demand. That brings a problem: how to prioritize the really important from the latest fad. At ZUG-2023, five top leaders will show us how to cut through the clamour of competing claims on our time and resources.

During our event organised together with the Canton of Zug and CIPS Switzerland, we will provide a platform to learn from experts both in Supply Chain and Procurement and network with the local comunity. 


June | 2023

People, Future Skills & Development in Supply Chains

In the last few months, high volatility and business disruptions exposed Supply Chains to major events such as transportation & port congestion, material shortages and inflation. The past year only have shown a changed industry, a higher vulnerability and it is clear that future organizations will need agile, change-managing and more digital-enabled capabilities.

In fact, in most companies professionals were not ready to face these challenges and it seems that Strategic Thinking, Planning and Problem Solving are no longer sufficient.

What are the new Skills required in today’s and future Supply Chain organizations? How can companies level-up their Supply Chain team competencies ?


April | 2023

Supply Chain Leaders’ must-have Strategies, Networks and Models to become Resilient & Competitive

How can Supply Chain Leaders make a greater and more positive impact on Company Resilience and Competitiveness? Is your Company or Team struggling with shaping models and networks to get better transparency, and decision-making, reduce risk impact and increase profitability?

In the next CSCMP event on April 20th, our speakers will share their insights and explore with you how Supply Chain strategy strengthens their organization and delivers long-term financial growth.

2022 events :


October | 2022

Digital Supply Chain – what’s next?

Our speakers will explore the impact of digitalisation on supply chains and how various new technologies impact supply chain performance


April | 2022

Transformation, Change Management and Organizations in Supply Chain

Our speakers will highlight ‘how do organizations navigate change within transformation projects’ and ‘who are the people behind the future supply chain organization’.


May | 2022

Make Procurement and Supply Chain Your Competitive Advantage

Secure Competitive Advantage by linking procurement and supply to corporate direction, top-level strategy, and executive decisions.

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