Future Leaders Program 2023

 An Opportunity of a lifetime for Aspiring STUDENTS in Switzerland to begin their Supply Chain Networking journey

CSCMP Switzerland Roundtable is seeking to sponsor as part of the annual Future Leaders Program (FLP) an exceptional undergraduate or graduate student (age 21+). The student should be pursuing a course in supply chain management or studying Supply Chain as part of their curriculum in full time other courses. The winner of the FLP will participate in CSCMP EDGE (Premier Global supply chain annual event held in the USA). Students attend the conference half the time and the other half and also be part of organising the event.

Highlights and Program features:

  • Complimentary attendance to CSCMP EDGE 2023 in Orlando, Florida, Sept 29th to Oct 4th, 2023 (Worth $450.00)
  • Over 100+ Supply Chain Education sessions at EDGE 2022
  • Conference hotel stay and meals as per the conference schedule plan
  • Paid Economy flight ticket to conference venue (arranged in coordination with CSCMP.CH)
  • Travel stipend of $150.00
  • Reimbursement of one-year CSCMP Student membership of $40.00
  • Be one of the 40 Global Future Leaders at special Conference Reception
  • Extensive Network opportunity with Global Supply Chain professionals

To Participate in the Future Leaders Program – Students should submit a CASE STUDY as follows:

The case study should be a detailed analysis on ONE of the below Supply Chain Topics in a real-life setting in the European context. It typically involves the examination of the specific issue, the identification of key factors, and the development of recommendations for addressing the problem.

  • To create a great case study, applicants should ensure that their study is well-structured, easy to follow, and provides a detailed analysis of the chosen topic.
  • Real-life examples and data as well as before and after results/KPIs should be used to support the analysis, and recommendations should be made for future-proof supply chain concepts that will improve the chosen area of supply chain management
  • The case studies should focus on supply chain issues and solutions in Europe, and highlight the challenges faced by companies in the region.
  • We encourage you to be creative in your approach and to provide practical solutions that can be implemented in real-world scenarios.The case study should be original real life scenarios and researched and written by the student.
  • The case study should be in English, 1,500-3,000 words and submitted as 10-12 slides in a PowerPoint presentation.
  • The main judging criteria for the competition will include following: Analysis of the chosen topic, Quality of the recommendations, Creativity and innovation,Use of real-life examples, results and data and Future-proof concepts for supply chain management in the topic

We encourage you to submit a case study one ONE of the below Supply Chain themes that highlights your skills and knowledge in supply chain management.

  1. Customer Centric Supply Chain:

As customers become increasingly demanding and their needs continue to evolve, supply chain managers must develop strategies that enable them to meet these changing requirements. This topic will focus on developing customer-centric supply chain strategies that enable companies to provide fast, personalized, Omnichannel and convenient delivery to their customers. This topic will improve customer experience and business growth.

  1. Circular Supply Chain:

This topic explores the concept of a circular economy and the need for supply chain managers to develop circular supply chain strategies that reduce waste and increase the efficient use of resources. The focus is on developing sustainable supply chain strategies that reduce waste and environmental impact. Sustainability is becoming increasingly important for companies as they seek to meet the demands of consumers and regulators.

  1. Supply Chain Visibility:

Visibility is essential for supply chain management as it enables greater efficiency and control over the entire supply chain network. This topic explores developing strategies and technologies that improve supply chain visibility, enabling better decision-making and risk management. The visibility should enhance the planning, inventory management, end to end Risk management and improve collaboration among supply chain partners and suppliers.


FLP Application initial Application requirements:

  • Current resume with Full name and contact details
  • Proof of age. Proof of Student University/College enrolment and studying Supply Chain curriculum or degree or post-graduation full time courses
  • Case Study in PowerPoint for chosen Supply Chain Theme (Details above)
  • Please send all above to Matheen Sait at sait@cscmp.ch and/or synergy234@gmail.com. Last date for application is May 24th, 2023.
  • For further queries please contact Matheen Sait, at above email addresses.

FLP Application important criteria for eligibility for participation:

  • 21 years of age by September 29, 2023. No exceptions.
  • Preferably must be a full-time (undergraduate or graduate student) on-site at a university/college with a major or concentration in Supply Chain Management or Logistics in Switzerland. Other Students in Switzerland doing an associated on-site full-time course or degree where Supply Chain is confirmed to be part of the curriculum (Industrial Engineering, Business, etc) can also apply. No PhD students are accepted
  • Students are required to participate in the program at Orlando, Florida, USA from Sept 29th to Oct 4th, 2023. No partial trips will be accepted.Visas and any additional expenses than above have to be taken care of student.
  • CSCMP Non-members can also apply however will have to become mandatorily a student member if selected.
  • FLP final nominee will be selected by CSCMP Switzerland Roundtable. Final approval will be made by CSCMP Global in Jun /Jul 2023 and winning student informed for next steps.
  • EDGE 2023: Must be able to room with another student of the same gender and must be able to participate as early as 6am/as late as 7pm throughout the program.
  • Copies of age proof, education transcript and recommendation letter from a professor at their university will be requested from final selected candidate before final confirmation.  Hence please keep this ready.

We look forward to your application and wishing you all success to being nominated as the Future Supply Chain Leader 2023 representing CSCMP Switzerland.

If you are interested to hear more about our Educational activities or you are from an Academic organisation and would like to explore partnering with us,  please contact the CSCMP Switzerland Education Chair Matheen Sait at sait@cscmp.ch

Matheen Sait

Matheen Sait

Education Chair