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Digital Supply Chain and Performance Innovation – What next?

Our speakers will explore the impact of digitalisation on supply chains and how various new technologies impact supply chain performance

The rapid growth of technology and digitalization led to an incredible development of Supply Chain systems, solutions and automation. In fact, we are seeing a more integrated Supply Chain and technologically advanced applications to help professionals deal with an extremely volatile and uncertain environment.  With a smart usage of big data, analytics and predictive capabilities for decision making, it is expected that digitalization brings increased profitability and business-wide efficiency. Besides, due to the increasing concern for the environment and climate change, companies have the challenge of achieving higher levels of sustainability and anticipating risks.

In this event we will explore how digitalization adds value and enables performance innovation. Our brilliant speakers bring in very valuable experience on the subject and will take the challenge to answer the following questions:

✅ What value has digitalization brought and in which Supply Chain areas and functions?

✅ Which systems were transformed and did they make Supply Chain more performant and resilient?

✅ How did it impact performance and for what return?

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