Our Team

  • Helmut Leitner, President

    Ensures that local board operates within CSCMP’s Roundtable Policies. Conduct regular and effective board meetings (monthly board meeting, AGM). Set goals and strategic focus. Ensure goals and objectives are met through board member participation in fulfilling their individual responsibilities. Ensures that all required operating reports are completed and submitted according to expectations. Develop board team. Link with stakeholders.

  • Ursula Schmeling, VP of Programs

    Ensures that topics, formats and speakers (and panellists) are identified, contacted and committed with arrangements made for them to address the RT on a specific date. The program schedule for the entire year (12 months rolling) is pre-planned with replacement programs and short notice speakers on hand in the event of speaker cancellations.

  • Alexandre Sahlia, Event Chair

    Oversee and manage the event and planning process and chair weekly Event preparation meetings according to event checklist. Appoint and/or encourages volunteers to take responsibility of actions. Develop work plan and agenda for the committee to stay on task. Event budgeting. Event Storyboard. Develop Event Policy (entry fees, speaker expenses, gifts)

  • Ling Pizzinato, VP of Membership

    Liaison between the RT Service Center and the RT Switzerland to create Win-Win solutions. Coordinate Roundtable membership and member engagement campaigns. Maintain and review the list of members. Involvement of developing strategy increasing attendance to Roundtable events, membership and member engagement.

  • Oliver Krug, Treasurer

    Manage CSCMP Switzerland Round Table financials: Bank account / Payments / Annual financial statement / Budget planning and monitoring / Tax submission / Ensure financial compliance

  • Guillaume Ralu, Communication Chair

    Develop Communication Strategy. Maintain Website.

    Promotion (other websites, ads, posters). Prepare monthly LinkedIn Postings (Linkedin Group) and E-mail Newsletter.


  • Steven Priestley, Steven Priestley, Sponsorship Chair

    Contribute to alignment on annual expectations/financial targets from sponsorship. Review and develop sponsorship guidelines and code of conduct. ‘Contract’ with current and future sponsors. Develop relations with sponsors and ensure adherence to guidelines (CSCMP and sponsors)

  • Matheen Sait, Education Chair

    Is the liaison between the RT and local educational institutions. strive to improve the level of communication between educators and business communities. Facilitate Educational Initiatives (trainings, internships, graduate programs) between Universities and Global Service team

  • Murilo Carani Coube, Community Chair

    Facilitate Team Building and prepare social events. Facilitate Team Development and Succession Planning for Roundtable and YP forum. Manage “soft” aspects in relationship with speakers and stakeholders (e.g. gifts for speakers)

  • Adrien Brunie, Young Professionals Chair

    Develop a YP team. Support the monthly SC Professionals Meeting via that group. Enable YP to get to know CSCMP in Switzerland