CSCMP April Event

Transformation, Change Management and Organizations in Supply Chain

Our speakers will highlight ‘how do organizations navigate change within transformation projects’ and ‘who are the people behind the future supply chain organization’.

Global organizations are currently going through transformations and technology initiatives. The last pandemic, logistics crises, and material supply disruptions have made change management quite complex and challenging.

The least we can say is In today’s global environment, supply chain organizations have been thrown a big curveball. We’re also seeing companies recovering and preparing for additional demand and business growth but their supply chains are strained and struggling to figure out how to deal with the entire equation. Supply Chain transformation consists of two main parts: digital investments and transformation management.

In this event, we will discuss the latter in particular and we’d like to ask our speakers: 

✅ How do organizations navigate change within transformation projects? 

✅ Who are the people behind the future supply chain organization?

Program & Speakers:

Delivering Logistics Excellence in an Omnichannel World – Brian White

Historically Swarovski operated a centralized logistics operation selling the highest quality crystal jewellery and accessories, as well as crystal objects and home accessories through approx.. 3,000 stores and to eCommerce customers in around 170 countries around the world.  Growth opportunities, particularly in eCom, required a fundamental rethink of the model to dramatically transform service as well as deliver flexibility, cost reductions, and reduced carbon footprint.  The topic will tell the story of how these commercial needs led to a regional model of omnichannel distribution centers while retaining central control whose flexibility was tested to the max during the COVID pandemic.

Brian White

Brian White (Head of Supply Chain Management and MD Swarovski Liechtenstein)

Brian is the Head of Supply Chain Management for Swarovski, the crystal lifestyle company, bringing jewellery, home products, watches, writing instruments, and crystal components to customers around the world.  Prior to Swarovski, Brian worked in consulting for 18 years with PwC and Ernst & Young, helping global Retail, Consumer and Industrial companies transform their businesses and enabling operations.   Brian started his leadership journey in production and supply chain management roles for Tate & Lyle, the UK-based sugar company.

Setting up Integrated Business Planning (IBP) as the driving force behind the business transformation – Helmut Leitner

Leadership teams are often confronted with complex issues with tangled roots, different stakeholders, no precedent cases, and unlimited options to respond. The traditional planning processes and systems have limitations because they are set up in a “predict and control” rather than in a “sense and respond” environment. Helmut will show how to leverage the IBP process to respond to complex business challenges by assessing the situation, managing constraints, distributing engagement, driving strategic interventions, establishing control, and translating the learnings into organisational and cultural improvements.

Helmut Leitner

Helmut Leitner (Founder, HELIBLICK)

Helmut has created and developed the innovative «Integrated Business Sensing (IBSing)” framework, which focuses on the human and organisational aspects of Integrated Business Planning (IBP) and business transformation. As a senior Supply Chain practitioner, Helmut has driven significant business improvements in E2E Supply Chain in FMCG (J&J), Pharma (MSD) and Medical Devices (S+N).

For two years he is running his own business and is mentoring transformation teams in big corporate organisations during IBP, S&OP, S&OE implementations, system implementations or other business critical transformations.

Helmut is a founding member of the CSCMP Roundtable in Switzerland and founder of the “iBsing pioneers network”, a peer group of > 200 S&OP/IBP practitioners from 15 industries for regular learning and knowledge sharing.

Digital Twinning and what it does to our SCM workforce – Mark Talens

As our world rapidly changes from a data point “connected” supply chain into a new reality of multi sources, augmented and digitally supported concurrent ecosystem, how do we change our mindset and workforce to this? How do we learn new behaviors and rules and what is asked from the modern day supply chain staff?

Mark Talens

Mark Talens  (Associate Vice President Demand Fulfilment, Distribution & Logistics at Organon)

Responsible for Supply Chain operations for Organon, a newly spin-off multinational pharma company, we have the rare opportunity to shape and build our supply chain of the future. With experience running SCM market and regional organizations and the Global SCM COE and having lived in 3 continents very content with the current opportunity to help shape the Organon Supply Chain organization. 

Digital adoption as the life insurance for the success of your supply chain – Gilles Fransen

Helmut Leitner

Gilles Fransen (Founder, DGTL Ventures)

Gilles is an experienced, multi-lingual, and internationally-minded professional. His strong leadership and people management skills were developed in his respective leadership roles as well as on multiple international assignments. Gilles is known for his passion and drive to achieve results. Core in his actions is his goal to develop customer-centric strategies, processes, functions, and solutions. To achieve this Gilles adopts an inclusive and collaborative working style aimed at using holistic approaches supported by strong change management activities.

He was the Founder and Managing Partner of Gaius HR, a HR and HR Technology consulting company. In 2020, after successfully establishing and scaling Gaius HR, he sold Gaius HR to HR Path, a large French group. Previously he was Consulting Director at NGA HR (now Alight), Director at Lodestone Management Consulting and Senior Consultant at Deloitte Belgium.


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