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Carbon + Circularity

CSCMP Roundtable
 Registration Closed
Date: Tuesday, 28 September 2021 17:45 - 19:30

Venue: Video Conference (Link to be sent upon registration)

In our sixth, Procurement & Supply Chain meeting, organised by Canton of Zug, CIPS-Switzerland, CSCMP RT Switzerland, and Technologie Forum Zug (tfz) we turn our attention to the consequences of business activity on others.

The organisers are delighted that this event is possible through the sponsorship of

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Organisations must account for any harm arising from their operations: to anyone, anywhere.  This includes everything from greenhouse gases released by upstream suppliers, to the disposal of products downstream.  Customers and investors demand action.  Legal compliance is no longer enough.  Executives are confused and bewildered as they plead forlornly and in vain: ‘But I didn’t break any laws!’.

If ever there was a time for people with expert knowledge of supply chains and procurement to step up and lead, this is surely it.

We are thrilled to have 3 speakers to show us how to fill the leadership vacancy and lead our organisations. They are:

Mario Gross

Mario Gross, Chief Procurement Officer, Holcim

David Brocas

David Brocas, Head Cobalt Trader, Glencore


 Katharina Stenholm, Former Chief Procurement Officer, Danone and SAB Miller




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