Cips / Cscmp Joint Event: «Robust» (Gibz Zug)

CSCMP Roundtable
Date: Tuesday, 22 September 2020 17:30 - 21:00

Venue: ZUG

In our fifth, joint Procurement & Supply meeting, Canton Zug, CIPS and Technologie Forum Zug (tfz) are joined by CSCMP as we turn our attention to supply chains. 

The future is shaped more by our response to events, than by the events themselves; and we have just experienced the most turbulent peace-time period in modern history.  We have seen production shuttered overnight due to lack of staff; factories repurposed within weeks; goods held at borders through confusion about emergency legislation; and urgent demands for critical supplies to protect our own colleagues’ lives.  Amidst this  operational chaos, we still face an enormous question: what will the world look like afterwards? 

At this year’s conference, Zug’s business leaders will question what we mean by ROBUST.  Is it more than safety stock, reserve capacity, and back-up suppliers?  Must we also consider team-culture, temperament and creativity; and willingness to tear up the rule-book?  What is our role at this destiny-defining moment, and what can we learn for the future?

Zug is the regional and global HQ and, for many organisations, the focus of their most vital supply-chain capabilities.  At our 2020 event, you will hear and meet top supply-chain and procurement leaders, develop your ideas with them, and get ready for whatever happens next?

This year’s speakers are:

Stephane Guelat's email & phone | Emerson's Vice President Global ...

Stephane Guelat, Vice President Global Supply Chain, Emerson

Oliver Krug's email & phone | Biogen's Global Lead, Distribution ...

Oliver Krug, Global Lead, Distribution & Logistics, Biogen


Miriam speaker



Miriam Meeuwissen, Global Head Life Cycle Management, Biogen

4 "David Hauxwell" profiles | LinkedIn

David Hauxwell, Global Head of Procurement, Anheuser-Busch InBev


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